ROI, Social Media and Market Insights

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There is a good deal of talk on the ROI of Social Media and most organizations are still working on that, but there are other uses outside of pure play marketing – service, research…  Social Media can provide market insights, you just need to listen.

Product Marketing Training, B2B marketing needs for buyers and companies continues to change.  All you can do is listen and react.  Oh, yeah – now you need a mobile strategy.  Product Management just got more fun.


Do I Need Strategic Marketing Seminars and Training?

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I get asked a bunch about training for product managers, marketers and product marketers. The best way to know if training can help is look at common problems addressed with public and onsite seminars for B2B marketers:

  • Challenges aligning execution teams to launch goals.
  • Issues getting agreement on the right market messages.
  • Continuously reactive to the needs of sales?
  • No common agreement on activities own by a given marketing role?
  • Limited or no ability to track marketing’s ROI

If these are items you are experiencing then many training options exist from general b2b marketing training, product launch training to strategic marketing seminars which will aid in identifying best practices in b2b marketing.

Are brands really effective in social media?

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There is clearly a good deal of talk about the progress brands and companies have made in social media in 2010, but is it the brand or the person behind the account that matter? Or is it really the people who are out in the blogosphere and twittersphere impacting the success of social programs?

Marketing is Just Thinking, Math and Automation

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I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff lately and one of the things I’ve been thinking about is automation. The best thing I ever did was buy eloqua, but that was just one part of a strategy. This was about 3 years ago now and I found a piece on automation which states some good points:

Sales cycles are longer in a down economy.

Under adverse economic conditions, buyers are less inclined to purchase – plain and simple. Even when there is a clear business challenge and a solution with real ROI, tight budgets create hesitation on the part of the buyer. Therefore, sales professionals are faced with increasingly risk-averse prospects whose buying time frames are longer. Marketing automation tools supporting drip marketing campaigns and lead nurturing can build relationships with buyers during a longer sales process.

Although, building a set of tools was the end game, not the start of the process. Here are 5 realizations which make for good marketers:

1. Good Marketers Trust Their Teams – One of the critical success factors for marketers is whether they can lead their organization to meet the demands of the market AND the business. To be able to support both, marketing leaders will need to enlist support from every part of the business. Too often marketers and product managers get mired down in trying to drive EVERY component of their products activities in the market and inside the business operationally which isn’t the best approach. Sometimes you need to delegate and trust the experts in each area to do their jobs effectively.

The other 4 decisions or realizations you need to make to be a good marketers can be found here

Lists, Rankings and Quads: The ROI of Branding

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Measuring brand investment is typically tough stuff. One way to keep track of the return is by getting on a Top Innovator list or other such important publication such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant for tech is one of the best ways to look at the ROI for brand spend.

Content and Collateral, not just a task

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Whether you are creating content for a buyer or customer, you need to have a strategy.  There is no point in just creating content for your markets.  Put yourself in your prospects chair and think about developing content which they would want to read.  B2B marketing content is critical since for most people every purchase starts are google.

Know your Buyer Persona: The CIO

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Selling to the CIO?  You may want to check out this presentation to better know your buyer persona!

Whether you do B2B marketing in our out of technology, your buyer persona is critical to getting the message right and launching a product into the marketplace.