MediaTemple Provides Religious Sunday Experience!

More cathartic, than religious, but nevertheless thought provoking – not just for me but a bunch of folks.  For over 24 hours, Media Temple has had an outage on my primary servers for my blog, Spatially Relevant.  Apparently I am on Cluster 2 – oh joy.   How cool “the power of hundreds of servers” who are working in tandem for high availability is a great marketing message.

Not a good time as a Media Temple customer right now and I suspect not a good time for media temple.   Media Temple does get some Web 2.0/social media kudos for keeping the information flowing, sorta – blog, twitter and interactions.  MT spent time to engage the consumer throughout this event and they have clearly communicated status – open communications has always been a good part of being with Media Temple.  Of late though – service throughput and availability not so much.

Part of their communication was to ensure we knew that another vendor was involved – Bluearc.  How’s that working for you Bluearc?  Would love to interview you on that situation –  a customer under contract, perhaps an NDA and the customer broadcasts that your brand sucks!   Should a Bluearc PR person want to do this – just submit a comment.  I would be like so open minded.


While I clearly have found a way to spend my afternoon on a snowy Georgia day, I’m just a little curious how the brand is doing under constant Twitter noise?


I did get DM that the cluster which is hosting my blog on marketing and product management is down.   So they got that going for them.  BTW, if you are going to send direct messages, you might want to follow folks back.  In fact, following people is how conversations happen.  As of today you are a little lopsided…

dmfollowmediatemple…and others kinda see that too, like Justin Gardner.


I wonder what they are going to do this time?  Last time I got a free month.  Losing 1/12th of your income in a commodity market can’t be good to EBITDA.


Here’s to a week of apologies, validation and busy work.  I apologize if any of the links to media temple return an error. Cheers!


2 Responses to “MediaTemple Provides Religious Sunday Experience!”

  1. This is a very good post. I’ve setup a blog for Media Temple customers to voice their experiences good/bad, here that is: please post if you’d like. I’ll setup you up an account.

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